About the Book

While many resources are available online, it can take hours upon hours to answer the questions covered in Broke in Boston, and even longer to retrace those answers weeks later.  The guide addresses nearly every way a Boston resident can limit spending.  This information has never before been consolidated and took a devoted staff of seven people well over a year to put together.

Every aspect of the book was designed with you, the reader, in mind
The book’s dimensions (4.75” Wide x 7” Long) make it an extremely portable reference that can fit easily into a back pocket or purse.  The chapters are laid out in the order they would be needed by someone moving to the city.  Explicit directions for reaching destinations are provided throughout the book.  Even the mundane tasks of obtaining parking permits, avoiding parking tickets, finding the right cable and internet providers are addressed. 

Use the 200-plus pages of information and state-of-the-art, digitally-designed color maps to inexpensively navigate your way through Boston’s exciting and historic streets, restaurants, bars, clubs, neighborhoods, parks, landmarks, and water bodies!    

Book Contents

October 19th, 2006 · No Comments

The book contains information on:

  • Cheap places to eat
  • Cool, Cheap Date Places
  • Discount clothing & furniture stores
  • Annual festivals, police departments, hospitals, cab numbers, and helpful websites
  • Orienting to the city and its culture
  • Apartment hunting and safety
  • Boston’s hottest clubs and dance venues
  • Gay & lesbian nightlife
  • Entertainment for those under 21
  • Historical landmarks
  • Inexpensive excursions
  • Free and inexpensive sources of entertainment
  • A complete set of maps detailing the entire metropolitan area
  • Public transit maps and schedules
  • Neighborhood descriptions
  • Dating tips
  • Inexpensive food & drink recipes
  • Free wireless internet providers
  • Cheap cable, DSL, telephone, and utility providers
  • Obtaining a parking permit

3 responses to “About the Book

  1. this book is the shit!

  2. David Rosenberg

    I am trying to contact Andrew Einhorn because I am trying to develop my family tree and figure out which Einhorns might be relatives.

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