Where to buy cheap furniture in Boston?

Generally speaking, the three best places to find cheap furniture around Boston are along Route 9, which becomes Huntington Ave, on Harvard Ave in Brighton/Allston, and at the Ikea in Stoughton, MA (781-344-IKEA)–about 30 minutes from Boston.

However, you can find everything super cheap, albeit in varying degrees of used, on http://www.craigslist.org.  Since so many people are constantly moving in and out of apartments and dorms in Boston, amazing deals may be found on this website by those in a rush t drop their stuff and get out of town.

Specific places are listed in Broke in Boston: A Guide to Living Cheap in the City 


2 responses to “Where to buy cheap furniture in Boston?

  1. I’ve lived in Boston my whole life but have taken a job out in the burbs of Wellesley. A great place to find awesome furniture that the wealthy throw away is the Wellesely dump. You don’t know if it’ll be a good day or a bad day, but you can almost always find something in awesome shape and that you need. Can’t get much cheaper than free, right? Though I suppose you’ll need a ride there and back.

  2. willie wilson

    I found that Logan furniture has excellent prices if you are on a budget and a good choice to choose from. They also have cheap couches and futons we go there when the kids went off to school.

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