IN THE NEWS: Daily Free Press Endorses Broke in Boston

IN THE NEWS: Daily Free Press Endorses Broke in Boston –>keyword search: broke in boston

BU grad writes on leading the ‘broke’ city life
Marcos Lopez
Issue date: 10/3/06 Section:NEWS

Just months after hanging up her mortarboard and hitting the job market, Boston University graduate Lindsay Holst has teamed up with three other students from Boston-area colleges to assemble Broke in Boston, a guidebook on how to live cheap and find the best deals at bars, restaurants and clubs in the city.”We took to writing something that pointed out the hidden spots, the hidden gems,” Holst, a 2006 College of Communication graduate and former Daily Free Press reporter, said.”Typically, you only acquire knowledge of these places after living in the city for a couple of years. After a while, you kind of want to impart that knowledge on others.”The book is a guide to living cheaply in the city,” she continued. “It’s aimed at anyone who’s on a tight budget, anyone who wants to go out and enjoy the city. I certainly would have appreciated something like this when I was a freshman.”Andrew Einhorn, 27, spent two years living in Brookline and Brighton after graduating from Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. While living in the city on a tight budget, he searched unsuccessfully for an updated book to give him some guidance.While completing his graduate degree in Washington, D.C., Einhorn hired one student from four colleges — Holst from BU, Kevin Collins from Boston College, Joelle Hobeika from Harvard University and Rebecca Dreilinger from Brandeis University.”I tried to get local expertise working on the project so that the small, grittier places that have the great deals would be put on the book,” Einhorn said. “There are places in there that list where to take guests or your parents when they come to town, good date places, free entertainment and all the cultural things that happen in the city.”According to the authors, Broke in Boston is aimed at anyone living in Boston with a small budget, not only undergraduate students.”It works as a guide for saving money and a guide for Boston,” Einhorn said. “Even if you live in Boston, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a tourist to the city. A lot of people don’t take advantage of everything the city has to offer because they live there, and they take it for granted.”


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